In order to get the most out of your Borit hand-held boring device you’ll need to follow some basic, common sense procedures. Below you’ll find links to both the Pre-Use Information and Operating Instructions. You can also choose to download a pdf version of these instructions for use in the field or you can refer back to this section as needed.

Pre-Use Instructions

In order to get the most out of your use of the Borit tool you’ll need to observe some basic setup procedures. Please read the page “Pre-Use Instructions” and/or download the printable pdf document.

Borit Pre-Use Instructions

Download the the Pre-Use Instructions

Operating Instructions

There are six basic steps to successfully using the Borit tool in the field. Please review these instructions on the “Operating Instructions” page and download the instructions as a pdf if you’d like to take it with you on the field.

Borit Operating Instructions

Download the Operating Instructions


We stand behind our products and have a generous warranty. Please visit this page to learn the details of the Borit hand-held tool warranty.