Borit has been making the Hand Held Horizontal Earth Boring tool since 1959. We are a family owned & operated business. We take pride in providing a tool that meets our high quality standards. The tool is tested extensively & has been improved over all previous versions. These continuous improvements are 1 of many advantages to buying the Borit Tool. Our tool offers extra cost savings over the previous Borit version – or the competitions’.

We are constantly hearing back from customers who have saved countless hours and dollars by using the Borit tool. It’s very encouraging for us to know that we are contributing to the success of contractors everywhere by helping them be more efficient and complete more jobs in less time.

We have an ongoing commitment to making our Borit tool the best it can be. Our goal is to provide our customers with a low maintenance, durable, hand-held tool that adds tremendous value to their tool inventory. All Borit Tools are made at our facility in Arizona.

How we sell the Borit tool

Borit sells through traditional distributors (where available), and for a very good reason. Good distributors add value for users of the Borit Tool in several ways: Local distributors both in the United States and Internationally provide readily available stock for Borit tool users. Borit ships over 99% of its orders complete & the same day. Same day expediting is available if necessary with no minimum order.
If there is no distributor available to a customer Borit will sell direct through our online store.

Please feel free to call our Office, we welcome your questions about our products!

Are you interested in becoming a distributor?

We are always interested in talking to potential distributor partners who can properly represent our products. Please email with information about your company and an overview of your retail network.