How to Dig Under Concrete

The Picture:

"How should I dig under concrete?" It’s not uncommon to need to run a pipe under a driveway, sidewalk, or other hard surfaces for landscaping, irrigation, or electrical purposes. But many of us now this can be a real pain to dig under concrete unless you have the right tools. 

The Problem:

You’re either going to make a mess of your beautiful concrete by trying to saw through it or you can hire an expensive contractor to bring out a big horizontal boring machine. Even if you rent a machine to dig under concrete, all these options are costly and take time. Time and money you don't have or want to spend. Some might even try the old flush method where they simply try to bore a hole using water only. This means a huge mess...

The Process:

If you can relate with any of these scenarios, then the Boreall handheld underground boring tool is for you! You can dig under concrete easily, effectively, and efficiently. No gimmicks.

In six simple steps you can dig under concrete:

  1. Attach drill pipe.

  2. Connect garden hose.

  3. Dig a small ditch.

  4. Start your bore. 

  5. Add more drill pipe (if necessary).

  6. Pull piping through. 

With a water hose, a little time, and $179.95, you can dig under concrete! 

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