Save money digging under sidewalks and driveways

October 21, 2020 2 min read

Since 1959, BORIT has been making their hand held horizontal earth boring tool. They take pride in providing a tool that meets high quality standards.

Their newest tool has been improved over all previous versions. These continuous improvements are but one advantage to buying Borit. Cost savings above the competitor’s is yet another.

Here’s what is great about the BORIT horizontal earth boring tool. It’s actually a horizontal earth boring tool, known in the trade as a “Hydromechanical Earth Auger”. The Borit is lightweight (only 3 ½ pounds), hand held and it fits onto an electrical, gasoline, hammer, or pneumatic industrial drill.

The Borit is capable of boring more than 60 feet under any concrete or asphalt–including sidewalks, driveways, golf cart paths, patios and even streets. Just imagine the labor savings!

Check out this (slightly dated) video showing exactly how easy the Borit tool is to use


Borit sells online and through traditional distributors (where available), and for a very good reason. Good distributors add value for users of the Borit tools in several ways:

Local distributors both in the United States and internationally provide readily available stock for Borit tool users. Borit ships over 99% of its orders complete & the same day. Same day expediting is available if necessary, with no minimum order, standard packs or drop ship penalties that slow service and add costs.

Using the Borit tool is guaranteed to save you money every time you use it. Cutting and patching asphalt, concrete or patios are a thing of the past. Drilling speeds of up to 4-feet per minute are possible so time savings alone make the tool very economical. Moreover, a 2” Borit hole can usually accommodate more than one conduit or pipe.

Want to eradicate the drudgery of digging? With this one tool you will eliminate trenching, backfilling, or surface repair to walks, patios, driveways or street. No more damage to lawn, shrubs, and trees!

Specially hardened steel and engineered to be self-sharpening make the Borit tool particularly durable. And because of the vast network of Borit dealers, all parts are readily available and easily replaced.

What about roots and rocks? This tool works in loam, hard clay, loose rock and gravel. Borit emphatically states that their tool can “jiggle” aside melon-sized rocks and will cut through or move aside tough roots.

Here’s something else: using the Borit tool you can bore at any angle, any direction with dead-on accuracy. With the use of a simple torpedo level, you can make sure you will bore in the direction and angle you need.

Buy a Borit hand-held boring tool today!