D050 (99H0251-14) 6320 BTUH Air-Cooled - High Ambient - 1/2 Ton Unit

6320 BTUH Air-cooled
High Ambient


The D050 (horizontal design) wine cellar cooling system is a self-contained, ducted wine cellar cooling system for medium-sized residential and commercial applications. The wine cellar cooling calculator can help determine if the D050/D050V will be suitable for your wine cellar. The D050 wine cooler is also suggested for smaller cellars containing large amounts of glass. Contractor installation is recommended. The maximum capacity is 5,600 BTU/h (1.64 Kilowatts). Model D050V is a vertical system with a sleek design, ideal for installation in narrow spaces where a small footprint is required, such as in a small mechanical room. Both models are available in a water-cooled configuration.

[The D050 is a 60Hz system, which is standard in the majority of North and South America; if you need a comparable 50Hz system (used in most of Europe, Asia, Africa, & Australia) see the WG75 wine cellar cooling unit. Verify your country’s line frequency].

Options and accessories for D050 cooling systems are shown below. The Electric Heat option is a factory-mounted heater which protects your cellar from cold ambient temperatures. Duct collars give owners the option of adding additional ducting to and from their Wine Guardian unit.


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D025 3,760 BTU/H 33″ 14″ 14″ 115v/1ph/60Hz 80 lbs.
D050 6,320 BTU/H 33″ 22″ 14″ 115v/1ph/60Hz 125 lbs.
D088 9,600 BTU/H 33″ 22″ 14″ 230v/1ph/60Hz 130 lbs.
D200 15,680 BTU/H 50″ 22″ 18″ 230v/1ph/60Hz 200 lbs.